How (Not) to Screw Up In Grad School

How To: Save Your Grad School Experience


I often talk to students about how to avoid common missteps in grad school. Over the years different students kept asking me many of the same questions, which prompted me to write down and share my views on such things as writing routines, candidacy exams, supervisors, and so on. Nonetheless, many people continued to make the same mistakes.

This book, for me, evolved naturally out of my ongoing efforts to offer pragmatic advice, while also feeling that such advice was still not reaching some students who could benefit from it.

I asked Aaron if this was a project that would we might do together, as he also has lots of experience with graduate students, having been the Graduate Chair in his department for many years. I expected that we would (and ultimately did) disagree on some things, and trusted that he would not be shy about letting me know if I was misguided about a particular issue. To round out our knowledge we also spoke to many people across campus who have responsibilities, positions, and experiences different from our own.

No one book could cover all of the nuances of something as variable as graduate education, but I sincerely hope that 57 WAYS helps you on your road into and beyond grad school.

Kevin Haggerty (Author)

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